Amali and Sopra Restaurants

old and new versions of amali logo

amali logo before & after

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Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu

Amali is a sustainable, farm-to-table Mediterranean restaurant located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Restauranteur James Mallios wanted to redesign the restaurant’s logo to reflect the values and feeling of the restaurant.

The restaurant signage was recreated in wood to enhance the sustainable feeling of the restaurant. All of the menus were recently redesigned, as well as a takeout bag.

After this project was completed, James discussed plans for a new, communal dining concept that would be located above Amali. He was debating what the new restaurant should be named. After some research, I found out that the Italian word Sopra means “above,” which made perfect sense given that the restaurant is located atop a flight of stairs. It also refers to the fact that the food would be of a higher caliber.

A logo was designed for the new dining concept. sopra_preview


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